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Who Am I?

Márquez Price is an Essayist, Poet, and Author who is passionate about making an impact on others by crafting content that touches issues of the collective human fabric. 

He is a critical thinker and open-minded author who does not shy away from any topic. Drawing from his life story, he incorporates various topics that cover the existential spectrum.

About My Book

My Train is On Schedule is a collection of unique poems coming from my thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

The book illustrates moment memoirs from my life that have led to a metamorphosis of identity. I believe that by examining these insightfulhonestraw, and direct poems, you can hear a sensitive, thoughtful person speaking to you as you read them. You will get to view life from my perspective, learn some life lessons, and fall in love with the rhythm.

Before you start any major journey in life, make sure your train is also on schedule by getting a copy of this book that allows you to enjoy the beauty of poetry as well as history and victory.

You will smile, cry, and appreciate life, culture, and society with ever turn of a page!

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What Others Say

Each page takes you on a journey. You get a glimpse of the author’s life in a very real way. From love, perspective, personal growth, relationships, society and culture, you get it all. Easy to read for everyone, even “non poetry lovers.”


Stephanie Calderon

Marques genius is in the way his poems come to life and a provide a visual look into his world though his words! The moment you turn the page it’s captivating and leaves you wanting more from each poem! A great short read that packs a punch!


Daniel Morales

I enjoyed the writer’s vulnerability and thought-provoking stories. It caused me to reflect and think about the many ways to create spaces for people to breathe, live and recover!



Books by Márquez

Always improving my craft, and always pushing for more. Here are my two books that are now on Amazon!

My follow up collection of potent poetry.

My debut collection of poems.

Coming Soon

Marquez Price is a brilliant author and poet. Each passage reveals the wisdom of an old soul in a young man's body, an understanding of the human condition and the challenges we currently face. I feel myself becoming a better person simply by reading and considering his words. I want everyone to know about him and his enormous talent. The images are from his book-signing event here in Tucson, AZ.
Kathleen Dreier

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"We struggle with isolation,
because we are afraid to spend time with the person that we will spend the most time with,
during our entire lives.
The paradox is that when you go within,
you discover that you are not alone."

Abundance, from My Train Is On Schedule

Márquez's Blog

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8 Sept, 2021 – Marquez


Jan 7, 2021 – Marquez

The Shift

Jan 7, 2021 -Marquez

Coming Soon

This author has once again created a tool for wisdom and amazing insights for understanding the life's journey. I was even more intrigued by his second masterpiece. It is an easy read and there is something special in it for every person reading it. You can start at any page in the book and reach the golden nuggets that are readily available. I laughed, I cried but most of all enjoyed this excellent read. Highly recommended.
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